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A Chance To Be Photographed By YouShine's Richard ?

You Could Be One Of The Lucky Ones This Month!

Richard loves to make people happy with the skill he polished over the years. He also loves to please people who appreciates his works. What if I told you that you could be one of the only two lucky winners each month to be photographed by YouShine's Richard and see him do his work. All he asks is to tell him why it should be you by answering the 3 questions below. It's that simple! Only two lucky winners will be randomly selected each month. If you win you will receive a complimentary session time (up to $250 value) at any location of your choice - your home - the park - or his studio.

1) Why do you want Richard to photograph you and who do you want photographed?


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2) What is it that you like about Richard's work that you haven't seen anywhere else?


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          3) If you had a choice of $500 or a fine portrait by Richard...what would you choose and why?


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