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"The greatest teacher who ever walked this earth made this statement ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.'

Raising seven daughters is no inexpensive endeavor, and having a family portrait done is no small decision. I've never regretted my investment in my family and having Richard Yim capture our family on film is one of my best investments I've ever made.

 I don't know how he does it but no one captures who my family is like Richard. We have a huge portrait above our mantel which is a constant reminder to me of how fortunate I am for the family I have."        

                       -- Tom Davis, An Elder at Redwood Chapel, CV .



When our son David wanted his family portraits, he brought his family to a studio in the mail. To his disappointment, the photos did not turn out the way he and his wife wanted.  

That's when we advised him to check into YouShine Photography, which is operated by one of our church members, Richard Yim, an award winning photographer.  To make a long story short, David and his wife had their family pictures done last year at YouShine Photography, and presented it to us as a Christmas gift, which we proudly display in our family gallery. 




When our 48th wedding anniversary approached, we thought of how we would celebrate the occasion.

It didn't take long before we decided to have nicely done portraits of ourselves by YouShine Photography, and give them to our children and grandchildren as gifts.  

Originally, we had only a formal portrait in mind. When casual outfits along with my guitar for candid portraitures were asked to bring, we curiously complied.  

Boy, were we pleasantly surprised when we saw the candid shots! Richard not only added some text at the bottom of our formal portrait to make it unique, but he also centered Jim 's bolo tie through digital artistry. I know my children will cherish them as prized family treasures.




Dear Richard,

 I have taken far too long to write my thanks to you for the superb photographic portrait you made for me in June. All my family really loved the portrait. Thank you so very much for accommodating my needs on such short notice.

I certainly feel good about giving you top recommendations. The quality is just a delight. Thank you once again.


                                                  Patricia Caramagno.



Thank you so very much for the wonderful pictures of me that you put on the internet. Many people have complemented the creativity of putting two pictures of me in one!!

It looks really good.

Thank you again for the friendly service, and I plan on taking more pictures in the future.

 Take care,

                                                   Mercedes Dennis



"Hello, just a little note about YouShine Studio. They made our daughter's Holy Communion such a great experience by taking pictures just before going to the church.

 Very unique, in that they designed the picture card right then, and printed them on site, making it very convenient for us. They also gave us so many beautiful pictures to choose from, that it was hard to decide, for we wanted them all. Before the communion was over, we were able to pick up the cards to give to our guests.

 Thank you YouShine for a great experience!"

                                                                             Robert and DyAnn Pagan



Our family was all scheduled to have the family pictures shot for Christmas. Five of the six of us made the scheduled appointment, one son was very sick with the flu.

 Welcome to the fascinating world of digital photography! All five of us had our group picture done. The son that was sick came in 2 weeks later and through the expertise of the "YouShine" owner and digital photography ‑ my son was added to our group picture ‑ just like he had had his picture taken with the rest of us.

 Thank you YouShine.

                                                                   Joan Jacques