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YouShine  Photography is a very service oriented concern, operated by a husband and wife team, Richard & Lily Yim, who started doing photography business since 1979.   YouShine Photography's mission statement  is to provide you with the perfect portraits  that you dreamed of having with the  talents that God has given to  us and also with the aid of the Instant Pre-viewing capability of the digital photography. 

YouShine Photography is the first fully digital portrait studio that was opened here in the East Bay area.  In case when you prefer film based photography, we can also provide you with traditional, film based photography.

Firmly believing that the digital photography will be the very means to provide the best quality photography, Richard Yim purchased the best digital equipment available and opened his studio at one of the shopping centers in Castro Valley (Now operating from their home studio.)

Richard and Lily  have built a reputation on the East Bay Area as one of the most creative and caring photographic specialists in the business. Their success is due in no small part to their  pleasant nature, love of children  and the ability to create timeless artwork with  camera as the brush.  Richard has been a photographic specialist for over 2 decades. He continues to study under some of the nations best photographic masters and is well respected by his peers.

Our Guarantee statement is this:
"You must be 'thrilled' or every penny back!"   


In this day and age it's hard to find people who really stand behind what they do. For over two decades I have tried to go above and beyond my clients expectations and to create for them, something of generational value and not just a quick "picture". I believe my guarantee is the only one of it's kind in East Bay Area and here it is...


"You must be absolutely "thrilled" with the portraits we create for you and your family. Love them or you get every penny back ... no questions asked and no hard feelings either. In addition: We will replace any photograph that has been damaged for "any" reason at no charge to you, as long as we have the negative on file."

You see, we want you to know we are here to accept the challenges that arise and not run away from them. We know you will be "thrilled" but isn't it nice to know you lose nothing if you are not.

Someone once asked one of the early astronauts what was going through his mind as the rocket below him ignited:

He replied "I sure hoped that they didn't let the low bidder build the rocket"

"If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself" 

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