Frequently Asked Questions:

Re: Photo Session

Q: Do you do any session at location?
A: Yes, we do at an additional fee. Our studio, however, has enough good space and props to create pleasing images for you and your beloved.

Q: How long does a session last?
A: A session lasts about an hour. In case of baby session, allowing plenty of time for meeting baby's need for curdling for comfort, getting comfortable with new environment is factored in. We do not like to rush any session so that everyone can feel calm and relaxed. If your child is sick or unusually cranky on the day of your session, we would rather reschedule your session.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my session?
A: Sessions are usually booked up approximately 3-4 weeks in advance, so please schedule as early as possible to ensure there are openings for your desired session date, especially if it is for a maternity or newborn session.

Q: What time should I arrive for my session?
A: All sessions are by appointment only. Being on time enables any session start on pretty amiable term. If you are early, you may have to wait while another session is finishing. If you are late, you will have less time for your own session. If you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late, you may need to call to reschedule for another day.

Q: What time of a day is best for a session?
A: It is best (and recommended) to have morning sessions for babies and children, as this time of day seems to be their happiest and is ideal for creating the best portraits.  Sessions are usually more productive and creative with fewer people present.

Q: Should I bring someone to help me with my children?
A: Children tend to get overwhelmed and over stimulated with several people trying to get them to smile. Sometimes the best portraits are created when everyone has left the room allowing Richard to interact one on one. Also, focusing on one child per session is usually more productive....

Q: Do you shoot black and white or color?
A: Now that we capture images digitally, we can produce images both ways. Prior to any session, it is good to let Richared know of  the type of portrait you desire, such as, black and white, sepia (brown tone), color.  It's also important to discuss your main goal for the photo session, for example, a family portrait or more focus on the individual images.

Q: Can we have BOTH black and white or color?
A: You may have both black and white and color,  however,  you better decide the goal for the session before any session as your goal determines the best clothing selection. Children usually do not like to change clothing... and so it's best to leave them in one outfit.

Re: Clothing

Q: What do you recommend for child/family to wear?
A:  We like to keep the focus on the subject, therefore, simple clothing choices are best for creating classic portraits. Solid color clothing is highly recommended, so as not to detract from the expression. Please try to avoid logos or busy patterns. To achieve the most natural look, casual dress is preferred. If families or children are being photographed together, clothes that are similar in style and color are best for a nice coordinated look. Bare feet are preferred over shoes. Children also look great in bare skin/bare feet, which is the preference for newborns and most children under the age of one. For children, one outfit is sufficient. Maternity portraits can be clothed or nude. For nude shots, hands, fabric or various poses can be used to cover body parts. Please click the following to read more about this subject.

Q: What colors are best for black and white portraits?
A: For black and white portraits, you want to be sure to avoid WHITE clothing. Darker colored clothing is preferred. This does not necessarily mean black. Clothing may be red, dark green, dark blue, purple, maroon, etc.

Q: What colors are best for color portraits?
A: For color portraits any color will work. Be sure to choose colors that compliment the person or persons being photographed. For  outdoor location portraits, please avoid green colors.

After The Session:
Q: When can I see the images you created?
A: Within a week, at the time you scheduled with us, we will make a Presentation  via a projector. This appointment should be scheduled on the day of your session. This  multimedia slideshow presentation set to music is quite entertaining. Most clients are in tears by the end of the presentation!

Q: How long is the Viewing/Presentation?
A: We allocate about an hour for your viewing. If you feel more time will be needed, please let us know and we can make arrangements beforehand.

Q: Who should come to the Presentation?
A: Anyone who will be significant during your purchase decisions should come with you at this time, as you will be placing your order during this scheduled appointment. Although children are welcome, you may find it to your advantage to make other arrangements for them during this appointment.

Q: How long will my images be archived?
A: All images are archived for 45 days after a session. After that, all images which are ordered from will be archived for a minimum of a year for reorders. If the entire proof collection is purchased, the entire set of images will be archived indefinitely.

Re: Payment

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We accept  Amex, Visa, Mastercard, check, and of course cash,. Please make checks payable to YouShine Photography or Richard Yim.

Q: Do I pay in full at the time of ordering?
A: Because each order is custom printed, payment at least one half is required at the time of order unless otherwise arranged ahead.

Q: Is there sales tax on my order?
A: Yes. California Sales tax in the amount of 8.75 % will be charged on any order.

Q: How long does it take to receive my ordered portraits?
A: Quality takes time. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your order to be completed. Some orders may take longer. We look at your portraits as an investment and an heirloom that we do not want to rush.

Re: Copyright Information

Q: Can I scan or copy my prints?
A: Portraits are like any artwork such as movie and music. It is ILLEGAL to reproduce a professional studios portraits without written permission from any professional photographer. It is ILLEGAL to scan professional images on a home computer without written permission as well. The minimum fine for scanning professional images without permission is $30,000. All images are protected by federal copyright laws. Copying of any kind is strictly prohibited. For further information, please click the following...