A True Story....

Archie came to us all the way from Burlingame (across SF bay)  because one of his acquaintances advised him that he better not use the photo shown at right here, which he used on his flyers and business cards...., and better let YouShine Photography create for him a new Business Portraits.


Here's the images that we created for him, and was Archie glad that he listened to his friend's advice?.

(Archie was reluctant to smile because he thought that his teeth were not that good looking, but we were able to let him relax and believe that his smile looks fine. And we used on him lighting and poses that are more approachable and friendly.... and that his hair doesn't look like a toupee...) 

Here is Archie's webpage


Another True Story

Mr. Gary Hardman came to us because he was referred to by one of our clients.  Attached is his business card that he used for some time. As soon as he sat down, he told me that he believes he looks better showing his left side of face as shown on the business card.


We complied to his dictates, but showed another image that lighted his right side face more,  because in our professional judgment his right side looks much more grandeur and handsomer  than his left side which might be looking cute.

Please notice the distance between his eye and high cheek bone of  his right side. It is longer than his left side.... A well trained eyes see those things instinctively and utilize such traits to make his clients look more professional and handsomer...  Such is the real experienced, professional service...

After learning that color photo does not reproduce well on Black and white newspapers, Mr. Hardman quickly purchased a B/W version file also for his newspaper ads...  See the difference in tonal range of the B/W we produced for him versa what you might get from color image converted by newspaper people....

Someone once asked one of the early astronauts what was going through their mind as the rocket below them ignited: He replied "I sure hope they didn't let the low bidder build this rocket"

"If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself" 


Wanna hear one more true story?

            Angie's old business card


New one made at YouShine Photography

The photo which Leslie used before she came to YouShine.


New image of  Leslie by YouShine Photography


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