Baby's 1st year goes by so fast, but now that I have met and worked with you, Richard,  I am able to keep this special time with me forever.  I can't thank you enough for what wonderful pictures you have given us to have and  share with everyone.  I received so many compliments when I showed my son's pictures and I am glad I didn't go anywhere else. 

  The sittings were fast and easy, and even with how fast you go, you get the perfect expression captured every time.  I just can't believe it has been a year.  And now I have these pictures in my house to remind me of those wonderful first months of his life.  Nothing is sweeter than that.  I'm looking forward to the years to come and when he starts school, prom, graduates, weddings, well we'll just take it one milestone at a time.  I am also looking forward to the next baby we have so we can do this all over again!  I truly have enjoyed it, can't you tell! Gabriel is also going to cherish these  pictures as he grows up and one day shows his children. Thanks a MILLION!

~ Tiffany